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February 21, 2012
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I don't have to. by LainaofthesandLOL I don't have to. by LainaofthesandLOL

Read the description.

*I dislike the show, but respect the fanbase, something to think about while you read the rest of my comments-
People complaining over people not liking My Little Pony.
Shut up, you're stupid. Learn to take opinions.
This is the internet, yo.
People have the freedom of speech.
People have the right to their own minds, and opinions.

Deal with it mo fucka.

What? I can't express my hate for the show? By that logic, how about you stop expressing your love for the show.
Makes sense to me. BUT, being I respect the fan base, feel free to love the show, I support you.

Also, stop acting like every time someone hates the show it's directed to the fan base.
This stamp in general is directed to PEOPLE who get MAD when people don't like it.
It ISN'T directed to people who LIKE it.
Think about it, but don't over think about it. Don't be stupid.

"Omg, LainaofthesandLOL, you're freaking STUPID, I HATE YOU."

Don't bitch at me because I dislike your little show.
Or your fucking ponies.
I like real ponies, I thank you.

I think that's funny when people have to result in insulting someone for having an opinion.
Are you the dictator of my MIND? Do you own me?
No harlot.
You don't.
You never will >:U

"Like, OMG, you hate MLP? You QUEER. You fucking CUNT. Ass whole! You have NO LIFE!!!!
Ha. Ha. Haaaah... ha...
That's the kind of comments that make me go, "LOL what? What is this. What is this I don't even..."
Fawk yo COUCH.

The sane fans are fine though.

Wanna know something?
I'll respect you if you respect me.
That's how it goes.

Also, I love the show Naruto, but you don't see me getting pissed at the anti fans.
Hate it if you want, I don't give a fuck.

Also, I love how every time someone says they hate MLP they always bring up bronies.
What the fuck do they have to do with this?
Nothing at all.
I'm talking about people in general, not a group.

Also, this can go for any other show.
Same can go for anything.
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Blazeboy01 2 days ago  Student Writer
.......... You actually have a great point. Congratulations. You have left me with no response. You do have a right to have an opinion and express it. So, therefore even as a brony, I give you my full respect.
toghill Apr 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
guys,everyone can like mlp but some guys doant so respect that!
I used to watch this show...But then I took an arrow to the knee.
(lol just kidding I never watched it!)
EpicNoriko123 Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Do you know people consider this show as an anime? >:I
DonutYumYum Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay,people have opinions.
If you see a MLP stamp,gtfo if you're going to hate.
If you see an Anti-MLP stamp,gtfo if you're going to hate.
Is it really that hard?
Kirbster626 3 days ago  New member
yes people have opinions
DonutYumYum 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah,I wanted to post that because there was a comment war here...
Kirbster626 3 days ago  New member
me too and i replied to yours
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Vervain-Vanity Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The colour of this stamp makes me want to eat some frozen yogurt~.
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